Frequent use of ChadeMo Chargers

A question was asked, if frequent use of the ChadMo charger will damage the battery.


I think the key word is “frequent”. Heat damages the battery. Cold damages the battery. Charging the batter on level 1 or level 2 damages the battery. Driving the car damages the battery. Battery use and reduction in battery life go hand in hand and should be considered normal wear and tear.  How much battery life reduction? I dont know, but my car is not of much use sitting in the garage. I bought my electric car to drive it and thats what I am going to do. I have used a ChadeMo charger 3 times in a year and a half and I plan to use it again if the need or the opportunity arises. My hope is that a better, more powerful battery will be available long before my current battery reaches 50% capacity. Drive on!


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