I have’nt written a blog in awhile but I am trying to get back on track


Update: The “raspberry” Miev was a lease and unfortunately we had to turn that one back in but we still have the white Miev that we purchased and I couldn’t be happier with its performance. Still no routine maintenance other than washer fluid and it is on its second set of rear tires and third set of front tires. By the way, the front tires are a different size than the rear tires. The front are the smallest allowed on a passenger vehicle and have to be ordered everytime because none of the tire shops carry this tire (145/65 72H).  I sometimes Uber with this car and it is the first thing clients ask about. Of course, I can only accept local trips but I havent really run into a problem with range since I only have time for a few runs between my other job and projects. I also own a comic book store both local and online at squareup.com/store/members-comics so if you are looking for comics or graphic novels, check me out.

I am still saving more money on gas than my car payment. This means I am saving a little money on gas but have the upside of saving time by not having to go to gas stations. The downside of the car is, as my kids get older and are starting to drive, it is the car of choice because it is always charged and ready to go in the morning and they dont have to pay for gas out of their pockets. Now if they would only always remember to plug it back in when they get home.


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