The Electric Vehicle’s Little Brother

You may ask what is the electric vehicles little brother? Well, consider the question from the perspective of why I or you own a totally electric vehicle.  I wanted to drastically reduce my weekly cost and operating expenses. I wanted to stop being so dependent gas and it’s constant algorithmically changing prices. I wanted to feel good that I am not wasting precious resources when I jump in my car to travel a mile down the road which happens all to often.  What then would fit closest to these traits that is not an electric vehicle. Not a gas and maintenance dependent hybrid. Not synergy drives or natural gas engines. I believe it would be … the scooter.

The scooter should be touted as the preferred mode of individual transportation for commutes less than 10 miles, which is about a 20 minute ride. My commute is less that half that. I still fill awkward charging less than a dollar on my card to fill up a tank that can’t even hold half a gallon but I feel great that I can run on it all week. Moped scooters can get about 80 mpg, for real! Instead of being actively promoted, most communities frown upon people who ride scooters. Other drivers look at me with distain as they pass me cruising about 20 mph because they had to mometarily slow down to go around me in their car built for 5 with only a single passenger. Their predjudice prevents them from knowing the joy of the “slow ride” and the satisfaction of handing the gas clerk 75 cents because you just filled your bike. I prefer the scooter to my motorcycle because no one expects me to keep up with traffic and I can cruise to work while enjoying the view.

Scooter riders however, share blame for some of the negative press. Lane splitting, ignoring traffic laws, being inconsiderate of the four wheelers. I try to drive predictably and always user my signal lights and of coures stop at stop signs and stop lights, just like I would if I were driving my car.

Lets all start thinking of better ways of transportation without the stain of status symbols preventing us from seeing the simple, inexpensive solutions.  Scoot scoot !


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