There seems to always be a little bad with any good thing. I have to wonder if anyone else is disappointed in Tesla, the flagship of the electric car industry, when finding out that the only difference in some of the models and range capabilities is a artificial software limitation. If I understand how it works, some Tesla models have less range only because the computer doesnt allow the owner to access the full capacity of the batteries. You own the car but aren’t allowed to fully use it because the computer says, oops! your’re out of charge, when you actually have more charge available.

Admittedly, what little I know is from a news article during the hurricane Irma event as it neared Florida. A Tesla owner petitioned Tesla to unlock his cars capacity to allow him to evacuate from the storm area. Tesla unlocked his car and went further by sending out a temporary software update that would unlock all the cars so that other Tesla owners could have a little extra range to get their cars out of Florida. To me, this is as scandalous as the VW diesel fiasco but no one else seems to be think its a big deal. When I make a major purchase, its mine. I own it and I will try to maximize its utility. Knowing I would have untapped potential denied me from a product I own would be enough for me not to purchase such an item. This is why I dont buy Apple products. The degree to which they have a closed operating system that denies independent product development or custimization is not something I can tolerate. I would not accept this from Apple nore will I accept it from Tesla. I cant afford a Tesla but I always wanted one till now. Maybe the new Nissan Leaf is starting to look better and better.

PS: I love Tesla so Tesla, fix this. Dont crush my hopes and dreams.


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