I’ll Be Baack.

Sorry, I am just getting back to this page. I have my Miev back on the road since July. It is functional but still has some cosmetic  issues that I will take care of over time. The major problem with the car from the accident was the control arm. A 12 inch triangular metal bar that connects to the car frame at two points and to the wheel column at one point. Basically, it holds the wheel in place. Mine had bent and caused the wheel to turn at a weird angle and sometimes(frequently) rub the tire well. I had forgotten how nice it was not to worry about gas, charging at the parking deck for free, and that wonderful gear-less acceleration. Of course, no sooner than I get my car back to working, then my kids start driving it as the preferred vehicle. I can’t blame them. A car that is always gassed up and ready to go in the morning. I will post a pic soon of the semi repaired I-Miev and others as I get the cosmetic (DIY) repairs started.


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